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US Embassy in New Delhi
Friday, March 5

After a whirlwind week of high level meetings, unbelievable sightseeing and daredevil bus adventures, we traveled to the US Embassy compound. We were all struck by the similarity of the embassy to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. It turns out that the same architect designed both buildings. After a brief tour of the beautiful grounds, we were invited to sit down with Uzra Zeya, the Minister Counselor for Political Affairs for the US Embassy in New Delhi, Sharon Gilkey, a Political Officer and another aid. Mrs. Zeya tells us about the five main points of U.S.-India Relations which include Strategic Cooperation; Energy and Climate Change; Education and Development; Economics, Trade and Agriculture; and Science, Technology, Health and Innovation. After she made general comments, we asked a variety of questions and were treated to an open and frank discussion about US-India relationship. After more than an hour of our back and forth, we had to cut the meeting short to head to our next meeting with the Jewish community of Delhi.

Jessica Gronich

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